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About Us

Steph’s Graceful Flavors offers unique options for your party planning and catering needs.

Steph’s Graceful Flavors was founded in by Stephanie Branche on June 30, 2019. That year, Stephanie received a Certificate of Recognition from the Pennsylvania Senate for being the first business owned and operated by an African American woman in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

Steph’s Graceful Flavors focuses on providing party planning and catering services that are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. 

It’s Just The Beginning

At Steph’s Graceful Flavors, LLC , we take pride in providing a delicious meal and excellent service. Our menu selections are born from the wide variety of flavors , fresh ingredients and authentic spices from Caribbean Islands.
Ever since I was a young girl, I loved working and helping my mother and grandmother in the kitchen preparing dinner. As I got older, they told me ” you have to learn how to take care of yourself and learn how to survive ” It was then I started to move around the kitchen.
Food has always been exciting to me by tasting different cuisines and dishes, it’s the thrill of smelling new aromas in the air and tasting the combinations of herbs and spices and the rush of trying new combinations that creates a masterpiece to be thoughtfully decorated and plated.
Steph’s Graceful Flavors was created to share my love for cooking experiences and services to help you meet your needs. I hope you support , share and engage with me on this graceful journey!



A home cooked meal made with soul, love and packed with flavor! Steph’s Graceful Flavors never dissapoints!

=A Forever Customer

Shaneea P.


I would love to thank Steph’s Graceful Flavors for everything she has done for our anniversary and other events for us!! My absolute favorite of course is her collard greens, but she also makes the best hot wings and macaroni salad. The pineapples with the shrimp, rice, steak and all the others were the best and if you haven’t had them you definitely need to try them!! Her chicken is absolutely amazing as well! You basically can’t go wrong with anything she makes and does to be honest. If you want good food I would highly recommend Stephanie to do it for you, she made so much more for our party aside from what i have mentioned. I give her a 10 star rating so please don’t hesitate on booking her she will meet your ever need!!

Jeannie B.


On days when you just don’t feel like cooking or you want something entirely different that you are not capable of cooking yourself it is so wonderful to know you are there Stephanie.  All we have to do is call you on the phone or email you and know you will give us something entirely wonderful to eat.  And when I was longing for my Mother’s “Pineapple Upside Down Cake,” one phone call to you brought a smile to my face and a memory to my heart.  Thank you again.

Dennis and Malik


It is my pleasure to recommend Steph’s Graceful Flavors.  I have recruited Ms. Branche’s services on three occasions for which her cuisine and service were second to none.  The menus were varied and prepared to perfection.  All guests enjoyed the experience and continue to rave about the food to date.  The efficiency and professionalism with which Ms. Branche operates her business is greatly appreciated.  She is a business owner that cares as much about the community as doing what she loves.  Her love for cooking is apparent in her tireless efforts to produce quality dishes that bring people together in the spirit of fellowship.  Steph’s Graceful Flavors is one of a kind, prepared with love, by the hands of an angel.

Mrs. Tracey McCullough


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